Program Brief

Cairo angels who manage the MINT incubation program contracted us to deliver planning focused kick off retreats for each of their incubation cycles since 2018 for 12 retreats until now. We worked closely with the Cairo angels team to customize the agenda to allow startups to plan the initial steps of their incubation phase according to MINT requirements which still maintaining the core of the experience in terms of allowing startups to network deeply through rich peer-to-peer learning

Use case: Kickoff for the community and cycle planning

Client: MINT EG Bank

Location: Multiple

Contact Person For Reference: Zeina Mandour & Habiba Helmy

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Client's opinion

  • There was no bootcamp in our first cycle so every team and every founder worked alone on their own projects although they all had knowledge that could benefit and help others. That’s where we realized the importance of ElRehla’s role. - From the first time we worked with ElRehla, we saw how much participants got closer to each other and how they are still connected and dedicated to helping and sharing knowledge with each other and with the following cycles. Today, I see many Incubators in Egypt working with ElRehla and conducting boot camps with ElRehla Like MINT incubator - Zeina Mandour, General Manager Cairo angels

  • ElRehla got us to know each other better and be more comfortable around each other. This made communication generally smoother. – Habiba Helmy


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