Program Brief

The purpose of this retreat is to have highly experienced founders gathered in one space and through the use of ElRehla's peer-to-peer learning tools and mind, body and soul agenda we want to accelerate conversations and knowledge sharing among the top founders on whatever hot topics they have on their mind to discuss and advice to share i.e. playing the roles of both speakers and learners. Across the first two retreats held the retreat adopted several of ElRehla’s activities and conversation formats to discuss different topics that were of importance to high potential entrepreneurs, such as scaling into new markets and franchising, building high performance teams, and investment models and experiences. In the third version a more advanced agenda was developed for the retreat to ensure that it offers something new for the participants, particularly self-assessment of the workplaces they run and connecting them with ElRehla’s push for creating more decent work environments.

Number of collaborations: 93% got connected to new stakeholders

Client: Oxfam & GIZ & Ashoka

Location: Ras Sedr & Gouna

Contact Person For Reference: Youmna El Khattam & Dalia Abdalla


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Client's opinion

  • It is always a challenge for support organizations to identify and work with an agile start-up that is keen to learn, develop and eventually evolve. El-Rehla is one of those rapidly evolving Egyptian startups that we are pleased to cooperate with on various dimensions. Amongst many, one of El-Rehla’s edge is definitely its dynamic team that is genuinely keen on thinking and acting one step ahead. – Dalia Abdalla, GIZ
  • El Rehla has been a unique experience for the entrepreneurs GIZ has supported. The content of the workshops enabled entrepreneurs to tap into their innovative potential and get the needed feedback on their businesses from the right experts. The setting was also perfect for harnessing real connections between people making El Rehla the most effective networking event anyone could be part of. - Aliaa Alladin GIZ

Participants' opinion

  • Of all the business events I’ve attended this had the highest value to me as a business owner. Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing from among some of the top founders and leaders of startup businesses in Egypt. Phenomenal insights within a setting of equals. The setting and the set-up were perfect for getting us to quickly be comfortable and willing to share experiences around a wide selection of topics that we chose. Add to that the sea, sand, breeze, stars, and add to that the meditations and massage (yes!) and an on-site therapist and you have the ingredients for: rejuvenation, relaxation, incredible insights, fun, and exchange of business services. If you’re ever selected to get on this one DO NOT HESITATE. Prioritize it. Go! It’s the best value you’ll ever get for your business, your brain, and your spirit. - Cornelius O'donnell
  • Very genuine interactions, participants were overly open in sharing very detailed trade secrets as well as hard core issues. The team managed to set the stage for this to happen and for everyone to feel that this is a very safe space to share all our vulnerabilities. My comments are not for this program in specific but for Elrehla as a whole company, I believe you have a huge unrealized potential if you become the go to network of entrepreneurs that have successfully tried to build company’s on a subscription based model - Moataz Kotb, Founder & Managing director - Cultark
  • Short. Efficient. Practical. Deep. The consistency of having it each year is giving a lot of value. - Mohamed Hany, Cofounder & CEO – Zest
  • This scaleup definitely exceeded my expectations. It was well planned, enjoyable and very useful for us in Garment IO - Ahmed Nounou, Cofounder & CEO – Garment IO
  • Amazing experience overall. Great program and got me connected with many great founders. - Omar Gabr, CEO & Cofounder – Instabug
  • I lived abroad for the last 12 years. After the coronavirus time I started to connect back with Egypt and I started a branch of my company there. El Rehla helped me a lot in making real meaningful connections with who I call now my close circle of supporters. I can’t be more grateful about that experience that accelerated my kickoff in the Egyptian Market - Ahmed El Barky, Cofounder, WecodeforYou
  • Landing in Egypt after being away for 15 years was not easy, it was like starting over. Thankfully ElRehla was there for me. I instantly found a community of likeminded people and a community to which I belonged overnight - Tamer Azer, Partner, Shorooq Partners


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