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About us

At JRNY/ElRehla we specialize in designing unique retreat and event experiences bringing together diverse communities of founders, corporate teams and industry leaders. Our unique program engages attendees mentally, physically, and emotionally, fostering deep peer-to-peer connections and the emergence of a collaborative community.

With over 170 successful retreats, events and workshops held since 2013, in partnership with over 70 organizations, we have benefited over 6,000 participants from various sectors.

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We're helping founders,
industry leaders
& corporate teams

It's common on platforms like this that we need to clearly display numbers of what we have achieved as an organization. Although for us as a social enterprise we actually prefer to measure our work through the ripple effects and the impact stories that we've heard across the years from the different industries and teams that we've worked with.

We take outcomes measurement seriously and have issued two in-depth studies to understand our work better since 2018.








Our services


Industry retreats

Sector-specific retreats and events for different stakeholders from a particular industry eg. education, employment. The objective is to bring the right leaders together and facilitate valuable discussions to move the ecosystem forward.


Corporate retreats

Our corporate retreats and events are designed to build deeper connections between colleagues and top management as human beings and in understanding the “other”. The focus is on improving morale, trust and engagement.


Founders retreats

Our founder retreats and events offer deep peer-to-peer learning experiences for founders of scale-ups, pre-scaleups and early stage startups. We offer founder programs to accelerators, incubators, VCs and individuals.

What Our Clients Are Saying


The innovative business model of JRNY/ElRehla bridges the gap between corporates and startups, creating connections that are both technical and human.

Mohamed Sabban

Chief Innovation & Strategic
Ventures Officer, Banque Misr

JRNY/ElRehla was the ideal choice for Oxfam as a partner as we were looking for innovative and exciting new ways to nurture the growth and development of entrepreneurs.

Youmna ElKhattam

Formerly Program Manager Oxfam

They are very useful and the linkages done professionally and personally are priceless. Thank you for the amazing job JRNY/ElRehla team.

Rania ElSayed

Senior Cultural Affairs Specialist,
US Embassy in Cairo

A couple of days later and we are all still buzzing with excitement. Another brilliant iteration of the Fintech Retreat. I am super proud to have sponsored this edition as Mastercard working closely with our partners at GIZ Egypt, Central Bank of Egypt, Financial Regulatory Authority FRA and Banque Misr.

Inji Amr Borai

VP, Egypt Country Manager
Mastercard, Stanford GSB

Having everyone in the Fintech ecosystem in one place is really a market catalyst in terms of exchanging updates and striking partnerships, having the regulators and financial institutions really does bridge the gap.

Mohamed Hamza

Open Innovation Program
Manager, Banque Misr

The retreat is a great opportunity for one-to-one networking. It connects the regulators with the ecosystem. It also helps others in finding the right regulator in charge, even if they didn’t find what they need; they will connect them to the one in charge in their related department inside the organization.

Mahmoud Gebril

Head of Corporate Finance,
Financial Regulatory Authority

The brilliant methodology they deliver is one of a kind. The approach of peer-to-peer learning was so genuine and effective. We all learnt from each other although we are from different industries, backgrounds and have different mind-sets, this was brilliant.

Mohamed Elkholi

CEO, Dotment

JRNY/ElRehla creates a strong and resourceful community and network. It became an important business trip in iCareer’s annual plan. My company secured funds for one of its biggest projects through the connections I made in JRNY/ElRehla . During the retreats you don’t only get to know the people in the retreat, you become part of a bigger network that can lead you to many new opportunities.

Akram Marwan

CEO & Co-Founder, ICareer

JRNY/ElRehla deepens the connection between the players and the stakeholders in the field. It widens our network and helps us collaborate with each other, making a bigger impact in the community whether on the corporate, government or individual level. Initiatives end up being bigger and more impactful.

Sahar Albazzar

MP, Egyptian Parliament

We had an amazing, productive and fun time during our annual retreat! It’s definitely a step up for our internal communication and was very much engaging to everyone and left a tremendous positive vibe within each one of us. We love you guys.

Hussien Mohieldin


We have something called founder’s syndrome, where it is very difficult for us to separate ourselves from our business. Taking the decision to go to the beach for 4 days, the first thing that comes to your mind is stress about your work. But JRNY/ElRehla is successful at getting us out of this situation and giving us the possibility to disconnect.

Amr Abodraia

CEO & Co-Founder Rology

I really enjoyed the experience. As far as networking events go, I believe this is the most successful format I have seen to date. I believe in the effectiveness of the model employed by JRNY/ElRehla. The seamless mix between personal and professional really works.

Karim Abobakr

CO-CEO & Founder, Mirqah

Great experience. It helped me disconnect from day-to-day work routine and connect with many founders on a deeper level and exchange valuable learnings. It is a positive experience that I strongly recommend.

Ameer Sherif

CEO, Wuzzuf

Landing in Egypt after being away for 15 years was not easy, it was like starting over. Thankfully JRNY/ElRehla was there for me. I instantly found a community of likeminded people and a community to which I belonged overnight.

Tamer Azer

Partner, Shorooq Partners

Amazing experience. Great blend of diverse ecosystem members with different paradigms. Mixing academia, startups, investors, and others gave great insights about the work of each player. I love the content, participants and organizers.

Walid Khalil

Partner, Endure Capital

The first retreat I attended with JRNY/ElRehla was the Employment ecosystem retreat in 2018. Back then, Sprints was still just an idea. My interactions with different people in the retreat led to forming multiple collaborations and developing different ideas until I founded Sprints in 2019.

Ayman Bazraa

CEO & Co-Founder

JRNY/ElRehla succeeded in being the point of transformation for different mindsets, coming from different places, with different experiences in order to let these people benefit and help each other in their work.

Ahmed Zahran


Meet our team


Dalia Said

Co-Founder & CEO


Sara Ibrahim

Co-Founder, Head of Operations


Nadine Abukhadra

Business Development
& Programs Director


Amal Negm

Head of People & Culture

asked questions.

Across the past ten years we've been getting frequent recurring questions from different clients who would like to invite us to run one of their events or retreats. We've compiled answers to the most common questions that we get about our experiences to help fast track what you know About us just a little further in seeing if we are the right fit for you.


Activities vary but are typically divided into Mental, Physical and emotional activities. Mental: Business innovation, conflict resolution, inclusive planning and deep connective conversations. Physical: Wellness and sports. Emotional: Self reflection, artistic expression, games and relaxation

Yes we do not run copies of the same program but we do work with you on understanding the objectives and then aligning our activities to meet these objectives.

Prices for retreats vary depending on factors such as the duration, accommodation type, activities, and location. Fill in this form and we can send you a quotation with our current pricing information.

The duration can vary from 1 to 3 days but the most common are three day experiences.


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